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> Hack a Bit inspires students to

Hack a Bit (HaB) competitors learn how to hack things and break into stuff.

Most people know that there is a significant gap cyber security industry talent but few people really understand how to solve this problem. We live in a world where a relative few select hackers can compromise infrastructure, vehicles and people's most personal devices at will; there aren't enough people to stop them. At the same time we live in a world where there are plenty of bright young people who have the talent, if only someone would lead them to have a more positive impact on the world. HaB provides an engaging, interactive, bar-none education today, to inspire and prepare bright young people to have a positive impact on the world tomorrow.

Competition staff have decades of combined experience in the youth cyber education and game development as well as over 25 years of experience running nation-level academic competition for tens of thousands of students. Hack a Bit is an education, industry match-maker and talent identifier rolled into one single interactive game.

Join us in a better approach to inspiring the next generation of security experts.


The competition is broken up into three phases. The temperature is taken in the first round in order to prepare for a targeted qualifier round. In the qualifier students hack and attack challenges to win points and place at the top of the leaderboard. Select participants qualify for finals where they have opportunities to win cold hard cash as well as select prizes from HaB competition sponsors.


Program leadership combine decades of industry experience and perspective. These individuals have changed the lives of over eight million students in the last two decades, across both academic and cyber environments. Hack a Bit is the most recent offering from one of the best-networked, capable and visionary cyber-security teams in the world.


HaB leadership knows that competition partners must be closely aligned with the program mission to achieve total impact. Cyber security is a requirement for every organization in the modern world and HaB staff have proven they can deliver talent in this challenging area. Join us today to help build the most capable talent the world has to offer.